Bibles & Bicycles

Equipping Church Planters and Sending Evangelists in Bangladesh

YOU can help to equip and send Evangelists and Church Planters in Bangladesh. Help us provide the resources needed to take the Gospel to unreached peoples throughout the Bengal region.

  • They will peddle approximately 5 – 10 miles per day
  • They will visit up to four villages in a week
  • They will share the Gospel with 20 people during each village visit
  • 100 people will hear the Gospel each week for years to come
  • On average, each evangelist will start six small churches in the coming year
  • Those churches will birth other new churches in the years to come

100% of your giving will go towards providing bicycles and bibles for our on-the-ground partners in Bangladesh.


The disciple-making and church planting ministry in Bangladesh takes place in rural areas and remote villages where simply finding a means of transportation to reach isolated communities, church plants, and believers is a big challenge because travel depends mainly upon local buses or other vehicles that will accept passengers such as cargo trucks or motorcycles.

With no public transportation available, travel back and forth on foot at night are both difficult and dangerous. A single Bicycle permits evangelists and church planters to travel further and reach remote villages and rural areas with far less effort or time needed.

Across the state of West Bengal, a motorbike or bicycle often plays the role of the family “car” as well, carrying multiple people, shopping, supplies. So, access to a bike or bicycle permits evangelists and church planters to take their wives along to help with children’s and women’s outreaches, or even another co-worker as well as literature and other supplies.

Will you join us in equipping our Brothers and Sisters in Bangledesh with 30 bicycles ($75 each), along with 1000 Bibles ($4 each)? Your gift today will make a difference in unleashing the Gospel among Bangladesh Community?


How We Broker Your Blessing



Through rigorous research, scouting and vetting we initiate special projects to reach the most desperate individuals with loving care, kindness, and provisions to alleviate their need.



We shepherd special projects from the planning and execution process to insure that the Kingdom Investments you’re making are safeguarded from waste and abuse.



When you Partner to bless an individual, family, or community through our well-managed initiatives for a special project, we provide a full report of your Kingdom Investment with narrative detail and photographic evidence.


Bibles & Bicycles

Equipping Church Planters and Sending Evangelists in Bangladesh