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Blessing Bags

Prepared For Impact. Help provide the essentials for those in need.

Blessing Bags* are prepared for impact wherever you go. Share the love of God with the Homeless, a friend in need, or anyone as God leads.

Each Blessing Bag, which can be tailored to meet specific needs, costs $35 and includes the following standard items**:

  • A Bottle of Water
  • 5 Basic Hygiene Items
  • 3 Basic First-Aid Items
  • 3 Nutrition Bars
  • The Book of John
  • Blanket/Scarf/Prayer Shawl
  • A Note of Encouragement

Double Your Blessing – Get Your Own Blessing Bag

For every bag you give as a gift, we will send you your own bag with a Gospel of John to pack yourself! We hope to encourage you in your giving to be a blessing in your own community where you’re at. When you donate, select the Double Your Blessing option.

*All donations go toward the distribution of Blessing Bags through Blessing Broker. (These bags are provided to those in need by Blessing Broker).

**Items pictured may not represent exact items in each bag.


How We Broker Your Blessing



Through rigorous research, scouting and vetting we initiate special projects to reach the most desperate individuals with loving care, kindness, and provisions to alleviate their need.



We shepherd special projects from the planning and execution process to insure that the Kingdom Investments you’re making are safeguarded from waste and abuse.



When you Partner to bless an individual, family, or community through our well-managed initiatives for a special project, we provide a full report of your Kingdom Investment with narrative detail and photographic evidence.

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Blessing Bags

Prepared For Impact. Help provide the essentials for those in need.