Urgent Support to Ukrainians in Israel

We Need Your Urgent Support in Helping Ukrainian Refugees

As the war in Ukraine continues, thousands of Ukrainian Jews are fleeing to Israel as refugees, seeking help.

Through the generous giving of our partners, Blessing Broker has helped supply 20 families with gifts of $5,000 each, totaling $100,000 towards housing, food, clothing, and other items to establish them with the essentials.

These 20 families are only the beginning of hundreds of families that are seeking refuge from the ongoing war.

We need your urgent support to help provide essentials for these families who are fleeing to Israel. Many of these families consist of mothers and children who’ve had to leave husbands and fathers behind to fight the war in Ukraine.

We are working with our boots-on-the-ground partners in Israel to ensure that all designated giving is directed to Ukrainian refugees in need.

“Israeli authorities are prepared to absorb approximately 100,000 Jews and their extended family members who are eligible under the Law of Return, from both Ukraine and Russia.”

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked
(All Israel News, allisrael.com)

As we watch these historical events unfold before us, may we bring to mind the promises of the Lord concerning His people:

He will lift up a banner for the nations, and assemble the dispersed of Israel, and gather the scattered of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

Isaiah 11:12

The Lord God says, “See, I will lift up My hand to the nations. I will raise My flag to the people. And they will bring your sons in their arms, and your daughters will be carried on their shoulders.

Isaiah 49:22


How We Broker Your Blessing



Through rigorous research, scouting and vetting we initiate special projects to reach the most desperate individuals with loving care, kindness, and provisions to alleviate their need.



We shepherd special projects from the planning and execution process to insure that the Kingdom Investments you’re making are safeguarded from waste and abuse.



When you Partner to bless an individual, family, or community through our well-managed initiatives for a special project, we provide a full report of your Kingdom Investment with narrative detail and photographic evidence.


Urgent Support to Ukrainians in Israel

We Need Your Urgent Support in Helping Ukrainian Refugees

It is only through your urgent, generous support that Blessing Broker can continue to provide these resources for the refugee families fleeing to Israel.

100% of your designated donation goes directly towards supporting Ukrainian refugees. Please prayerfully consider giving today.