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Washington's Armor

Blessing Broker is partnering with Capernaum Studios to help fund their upcoming project, Washington’s Armor. In an effort to help provide the resources needed to create wholesome, historically accurate, and Christian-friendly media, Blessing Broker is matching up to $2,500 in funds donated towards the Washington’s Armor feature film trilogy.

Washington’s Armor is a historical feature film trilogy depicting the adventures of young George Washington 20 years prior to the revolutionary war. This story of almost 300 hundred years ago needs to be told not only to make known the amount of sacrifice and perseverance our founders went through but how God’s hand was on them so that we could have and enjoy the very freedoms that we are at risk of losing today.


If you missed it, the director and producer of Washington’s Armor, Tammy Lane, joined us on the Blessing Broker Podcast to talk about how Capernaum Studios is using their God-given gifts to serve God and His Kingdom. Check out the full podcast episode below!



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Supporting Christian Media

Washington's Armor