Bibles & Bicycles – Project Report

Bibles, Bicycles, and Blessings

Thank you for being a part of Blessing Broker and joining alongside us as we seek to love, serve, and support people all over the world. Through the generous support of our partners, we have been able to supply 1000 Bibles & 20 Bicycles to our boots-on-the-ground in Bangladesh. What is even more exciting is that the Lord has provided our team with more than enough new disciples to use these bicycles to take the Bibles out into the harvest field.

Your support will result in multitudes of people hearing The Gospel in the span of a year and new churches will be planted to continue teaching the Word of God. Each of these disciple-makers and church planters will be sent out to:

  • Peddle ~5-10 miles per day
  • Visit up to four villages per week
  • Share the Gospel with 20 people in each village
  • Establish church plants in the Bengal region


Pastor Tapan Hembram

We would like to share about one of the many disciple-makers that this blessing will impact. Pastor Tapan Hembram is located in Mukundapur village, in the eastern state of West Bengal, where he has been for four years. Upon receiving a bicycle, Pastor Tapan will be able to travel further each day, reaching more potential disciples, other brothers and sisters in Christ, and bringing light into darkness as he serves as a disciple-maker and church planter throughout West Bengal. Pastor Tapan’s home church currently has a total of 15 – 20 members, but he will now be able to utilize a bicycle for travels weekly from his home village to Mukundapur village where he meets regularly (7 km) to conduct prayer meetings with believers and to fulfill other spiritual needs.

A direct message from our boots-on-the-ground partner:

Dear Blessing Broker, Greeting His mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I am delighted to inform you that we bought 1000 copies of the complete Bengali language Bibles and 20 pics Bicycles with the blessings of your sent.For our transparency : you have sent us $5000 there was PayPal fees $260 = $4740 and per dollar exchange rate in my Indian rupees $1=Rs 70. So we have received $4740* Rs 70 = Rs 3,31,800.

The good news is that the Bible Society has given us a discount of less than $3.5 for each Bible cost.

Thank you for your prayers and generous support! So far, we have been able to purchase the Bibles and bicycles for our disciple manufacturers and church planters. This gift will go a long way in sharing the love of Christ!

Please join us as we continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide these new missionaries to the villages and individuals who receive and make even MORE disciples of Christ.

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