Bring Them Home: The Return of Jewish People to Israel

This is what the Lord God says:

“Behold, I will lift up My hand to the nations
And set up My flag to the peoples;
And they will bring your sons in their arms,
And your daughters will be carried on their shoulders.

Isaiah 49:22

Obeying God’s Call

Martha’s story continues from the previous blog about the necessity of trust. She had called me crying about finding that her trust was broken with an organization that helps impoverished Russian Jews move to their ancient homeland, Israel. She found that the organization’s leadership doesn’t believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah, although they claimed to have a “fellowship” with Christians.  She felt misled. All Martha really cared about was being obedient to the call that God put on her heart… “Bring Israel’s sons and daughters home!” But she wanted to do so in partnership with obedience to her Savior.

There are multitudes of testimonies of God calling individuals to participate in helping His people. I’d like to share one with you that’s very personal.

There is a great increase, for many different reasons, that Jewish people are sensing a call, an urge, to make what they call, “Aliyah” to Israel.
Could it be a God thing?

A Cup of Coffee and a Divine Appointment

I’d arrived from Phoenix to a Maryland home on the Chesapeake Bay. I knocked on the door of my new friends, a husband and wife. I’d not yet met them in person. Donna said, “The Lord told me to give you this book.” She handed me a copy of Operation Exodus: Prophecy Being Fulfilled by Gustav Scheller.  After a beautiful visit, I continued traveling through Maryland and Virginia meeting with others who are helping take the love of Yeshua, Jesus to the Jewish People scattered around the world.  In between meetings, I settled in a coffee shop to make notes of my travels and prepare for upcoming meetings. I pulled my planner out of my backpack along with the book from Donna. I set them on the table and went to retrieve my order; a quad-Grande Americano with a splash of cream. When I returned to my seat, a well-dressed gentleman had taken the seat next to mine. He told me that he knew the author of the book in front of us.

We found a very interesting course of conversation. I learned that he was the President of an organization called Intercessors for America. Dave proceeded to tell me about his involvement with the organization that I was working for at the time and that while it was not their focus, they too have a calling to help Israel. Dave invited me to his office where we continued our impromptu chat. He then introduced me to a wonderful soul that leads a Christian organization to helps Jews return to Israel! Martha’s and my prayers were answered! God has raised His hand to us.

Blessing Broker’s inaugural project was with that organization to send two families to Israel.  Of course, that was after doing much research and asking a lot of questions from our new contact.

We have since learned about the great need to acclimate to the new country once there.

  1. Immigration paperwork
  2. Housing
  3. Food & clothing
  4. Jobs
  5. Transportation
  6. Learning the language
  7. Finding a community of fellowship, etc.

We have come to know a Believer in Israel that is working as a Christian resource, utilizing great stewardship, in helping with all the above and more.

Join Us in His Work

There is a great increase, for many different reasons, that Jewish people are sensing a call, an urge, to make what they call, “Aliyah” to Israel. Could it be a God thing? We believe so and we are joining God in His work to raise a banner to the nations. Join us by praying how the Lord will lead YOU in His call.

September 6th-7th is the Feast of Trumpets. This month we are focused on sounding the call to help with Aliyah and equipping the returning Jewish people with a firm foundation/resource.

Stay tuned for our 9/6/2021 podcast conversation with Chaim on the Galilee regarding Aliyah and what he’s doing to B.L.E.S.S. the returning of Jewish people to Israel.

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David Blakeslee

David works as a Realtor® and co-founder of Blessing Broker. He is passionate about reading and studying the Bible; leading Bible studies and helping others hear about God. “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.” – Isaiah 62:1 NIV

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