Summer Blessing Recap: The Harvest of Your Partnership through Blessing Broker

Because of YOU and YOUR partnership, Blessing Broker® has been able to love, serve, and support others in many different ways, blessing countries and people groups all over the world.

We are unbelievably excited to share with you the wonderful ways in which God has been moving over the last couple of months. Through various ministry opportunities, God has brought our B.L.E.S.S. initiatives to life right before our eyes.

It’s these founding principles that have and will continue to guide our mission:

Believe – Go, make disciples, baptize

Lift – Giving water in Jesus’ name

Equip – Providing resources for spiritual growth

Serve – Using gifts to serve others

Send – Short term and virtual missions

Establishing Hope & Healing in the Middle East

It’s no secret that the Middle East has been in a state of unrest for quite some time, but through your partnership, Blessing Broker® has had the opportunity to bless and provide aid to the people living in that area.

Currently, we’re partnering with two separate ministries to meet the very real, physical needs of the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Bomb Shelters to High-Risk Communities in Israel

Due to the continued conflict in the Middle East, Israel has endured airstrikes in the past and present, putting innocent bystanders in danger. To alleviate damage, injury, and even death, we were able to help to contribute towards 8 new mobile bomb shelters in Israel’s high-risk communities.

These shelters will be placed in common areas like parks and remain locked until sirens sound so that the Israeli people can access them in times of need.  With your giving and generosity, we are excited to provide this effective tool to keep people safe amid conflict.

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Ministry to Palestinians in Gaza

The Israelis, however, are not the only people group affected by the civil unrest in the Middle East. Many innocent Palestinians in Gaza have lost homes and loved ones during this time, as well.

In an effort to bless these hurting people groups, Blessing Broker® has partnered with an overseas ministry to provide aid to those affected in Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinians are being given temporary housing in Jerusalem, medical care, physical resources, and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Your role has been extremely important in this, as it has provided the funds necessary to carry out the work and show God’s love to people who so desperately need it.

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Our 2nd Annual Blessing Bag Homeless Outreach

In a more local effort to touch the lives of the homeless population, Blessing Broker® recently hosted their second annual Homeless Outreach Event in Phoenix, AZ. On August 14th,  people were given the chance to bless others with a Blessing Bag and the love of Christ.

To all of you who came, gave, and prayed over this day, THANK YOU. We were able to hand out 100 Blessing Bags filled with water, food, blankets, sunscreen, Gospel booklets from Pocket Testament League, and more to those in need.

Additionally, our service team had some powerful encounters throughout the day that only emphasized the existing need to serve the homeless population. This testimonial from one of our team members, in particular, really hit home:

“We saw Joshua several times during the morning. When Phil finally had the opportunity to greet him, he was quite friendly. He [had] bright, clear eyes, different from many of the other homeless. I don’t think he [was] a drug addict. But he [was] very troubled.

Joshua [was] mentally ill. His paranoia convince[d] him that he [was] being poisoned…We prayed for him that God would place a mighty hedge of protection around him and keep him safe. Joshua desperately needs to feel God’s protection.”

During our Homeless Outreach Event, people like Joshua were able to receive a very important gift, thanks to people like YOU. We’re so grateful to continue the Blessing Bags ministry into this next season.

Supporting Christian Media through Washington’s Armor

Another way that Blessing Broker® has sought to further the kingdom of God is through Christian media. Often underfunded and overlooked, this area of entertainment has the potential to do more than entertain, but also encourage, challenge, and affirm believers.

To support the creation of wholesome, historically accurate, and Christian-friendly media, Blessing Broker® has partnered with Capernaum Studio on their recent project entitled, Washington’s Armor.

This upcoming historical feature film trilogy tells the story of young George Washington, as he discovers what is most important to him during his early years – nearly two decades prior to the Revolutionary War. Through sacrifice and perseverance, viewers witness God’s hand was on his life.

We believe this is a story that people need to hear, so Blessing Broker® has decided to match up to $2,500 in funds donated toward the Washington’s Armor film project. With your help, we’re excited to see this story unfold on screen in homes everywhere.

Raising $20,000 for the Aliyah Initiative

The Aliyah Initiative was our first project, and it has continued to hold a special place in our hearts. Because of your help, Blessing Broker® has been able to play an active role in fulfilling biblical prophecy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “Aliyah” refers to the Jews’ return to Israel as their rightful home. At Blessing Broker®, we openly encourage and serve this mission by funding our boots-on-the-ground partners in Israel to support Jewish people making Aliyah.

Blessing Broker® has established a goal to raise $20,000 for the Aliyah Initiative and is matching donations to make it happen. We’re thrilled to share that 100% of the proceeds will go to the mission itself, as do all designated donations that are given through Blessing Broker®.

While we are incredibly thankful to be a part of this important mission, we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for standing beside us as we continue to encourage God’s work.

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Establishing a Bibles & Bicycles Ministry

As you may have noticed, we like to partner with ministries focused on meeting both physical AND spiritual needs, and Bibles & Bicycles is no exception!

Every penny of your designated giving provides resources such as bicycles and Bibles for our overseas partners and church planters. The bikes help our partners travel to the unreached areas of Bangladesh, while the Bibles give them an easy way to teach The Gospel.

Because of YOU, we are able to send out workers into the harvest. Each worker sent will be able to:

  • Peddle ~5-10 miles per day
  • Visit up to four villages per week
  • Share the Gospel with 20 people in each village
  • Establish church plants in the Bengal region

Your support will result in multitudes of people hearing The Gospel in the span of a year and new churches will be planted to continue teaching the Word of God.

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Launching a Ministry-Minded Podcast

Thanks to you, Blessing Broker® has officially launched its new podcast series, and we’re so excited for you to hear it!


The following episodes are now available for streaming:

Big Things Are Coming Soon

Your partnership is the reason that we’re able to provide aid to so many people across the globe, and we cannot express how much that means to us.

Thank you for making this all possible – we’re thrilled to continue the good work & will be giving updates regularly. This is just the beginning, as we know that God will continue to do great things through your partnership with Blessing Broker®.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to further God’s kingdom, check out our full list of ongoing projects here.

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